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    Welcome to Shapercube wiki


    Shapercube is an open source 3D printer derived from the Reprap project.

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    Current Version (2.x)

    Build Manual [2.1] [2.0]

    Bouwhandleiding in het Nederlands [2.1]

    Schematics [2.1] [2.0]

    Software 2.x

    Printable machine parts with source code


    Shapercube 2.0 Owners

    Shapercube 2.1 Owners

    NOTE: it is possible for 2.0 owners to upgrade to 

    2.1 status. 


    Previous Versions

    1.1 Assembly instructions

    1.0 Assembly instructions

    Software 1.x

    Sample Prints

    Schematics, etc.


    About this wiki

    This wiki is writable by the users on request.

    If you want to have write access, write an email to .

    We'll grant write access to everybody who doesn't seem to be a spam bot.



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