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    Arduino & Firmware

    Latest Firmware (2011-08-20)

    ArduinoSprinter Firmware


    Host Software

    Use Pronterface(.py)  from the Printrun package:



    Generating machine code

    For beginners you should try out the new Software "Slic3r".

    At the moment (Version 0.5) this has a few bugs and fails on broken STL files.

    We are using it for all our parts now and are really satisfied with the results.

    Download for Linux, Mac, Windows: http://slic3r.org/


    Previously we recommend SFACT for generating G-Code.

    This is a Skeinforge fork with more sane default settings.


    Install SFACT

    After downloading and installing python and opening skeinforge configure it in the following order to start

    Skeinforge 41 Quick Configuration Guide



    Openscad is a 3D CAD program for programming parametric CAD models.

    We recommend to try it out, especially if you have programming experience.









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